What is Activate God’s Purpose?

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So glad that you’re here!

Here, we fully embrace the message and person of Jesus The Christ. We believe that He is indeed Lord, and acknowledge that in Him there is SALVATION, HEALING, RESTORATION and TRANSFORMATION. In and through Him, we can discover and birth our God-given plan, blueprint and purpose.

What is the salvation you need?

Would you like to be healed?

Is God’s restorative power real?

Have you considered God’s redemptive power?

Does God actually have a purpose and a blueprint for your life?

If He does, what does it look like, what does it do, and is it needful in this journey called life?

Everyone is welcome here! At Activate God’s Purpose we yield our hearts, minds, spirit, souls and bodies to develop a relationship with God in order to walk in the illumination of His purpose for our individual and collective lives. We yield our hearts to the immeasurable length and breadth of His unconditional love. To Activate God’s Purpose is to yield our limited humanity to God’s unlimited divinity. All are welcome here to do just that! What are you looking to change, transform, liberate, conquer in your life? Are you seeking for answers, knowing that there is more to you than this, knowing that you are better than where and what you are now, knowing that you want more than this, but you just can’t put your finger on it, or you just can’t dig up the courage and power to accomplish your purpose? Permit God to undo you, Activate God’s Purpose!

Activate God’s Purpose gently peals the layers of your heart, soul, mind and spirit and empowers you to yield to God, allowing Him to reach the depths of our pain, hurt, shame, trauma, insecurities, in ways that only He can. You are here because you are seeking deeper truths, deeper answers and a deeper way to function and live out your life in a more meaningful way for you, and for others. What is it that you want to change and transform in your life? Activate God’s Purpose.

At Activate God’s Purpose we come in our humanity before God in order to activate His purpose within each of us as individuals. The type of divine purpose that will lift us to a place of unimaginable transformation. His divinity defies human intellectual, scientific and philosophical logic. This is a safe and loving space, where each and every one of us can undo our agony and uncover our divine purpose. We are created with divine purpose, with divine ability, for divine exploits, but it is our responsibility to have the courage to look within, find it and build it. At Activate God’s Purpose, we believe in applying ourselves, confronting our individual challenges, and pushing ourselves towards our God-given purpose and Blueprint.

What is Activate God’s Purpose?

When we say FIND. BUILD. PURPOSE.  at Activate God’s Purpose, what we really mean is look deep within, God’s purpose already lives within us. We were created with it and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can discover it, cultivate it with His guidance, and fly with it by His strength and power. We were born for a purpose and with a purpose.  Activate God’s Purpose is a divine paradigm shift from all that we think we already know. It makes us look deeper and deeper, until we accept, out of our own free will, that God is real and that He does have a divine blueprint for us. Nothing is forced; this is our own individual discovery, if we so choose. Activate God’s Purpose encourages us to reconnect with God, regardless of our shame, guilt, mistakes, insecurities, imperfections and life experiences. The heart of the matter is that God created us for a purpose and it is our job to investigate, research and uncover whether this divine purpose exists indeed, and when we recognize that it does, we seek it wholeheartedly and dare to ask Him to activate it. He is ever ready to do so! We need divine purpose, the world needs each of our God-given purpose, but first, we must individually acknowledge, accept and appreciate His existence and the existence of His purpose in each of us.

We are missing out when we don’t find out for ourselves who the living God truly is, who we are in Him, and His foolish, unconditional love, and willingness to divinely assist us. He is waiting for us to permit Him to divinely intervene in every area of our lives. Activate God’s Purpose is a relationship with God, and His divine intervention at every level, stage and condition of our lives, working to bring out the virtues and beauty we were originally created with by Him. Activate God’s Purpose brings us to a place where we can experience God’s divinity and blueprint to the fullest. God can do all things, including, redemption, restoring, transforming and transcending our lives to His divine abundance and prosperity. Prosperity of the spirit, mind, body and soul.

Every second of human life is precious, and too valuable to go to waste. At Activate God’s Purpose, we authentically work hard to find and build our own individual and unique purpose through and in God. If we will let God in, our uniquely God-designed divine blueprint will be our solid anchor and foundation, because what He builds overcomes the world, teaches our fingers to battle, prepares our hands for war, brings us insight and understanding, and therefore produces peace beyond our understanding and the kind of joy that conquers every situation, circumstance and condition that overwhelm us. When we discover God’s original and unique purpose within us, we overcome life’s challenges with direction and surety. We become firm footed, unshakable, knowing that our foundation is built in the One Who starts a thing and completes it. 

Activate God’s Purpose is activating a world where each person discovers and builds their own unique purpose, every second, every hour, every day, every week, every month, and, every year, until such a time when they truly begin to unravel the mystery of who they are in God, why they are here on this Earth, and unashamedly walking in that experience and truth.  To Activate God’s Purpose is to set one’s minds to grow beautifully, shedding the old skin,  dropping the weights that pull us down and breaking the chains that keep us stagnated and rotten.

At Activate God’s Purpose, we covenant that before we take our last breath, always looking up to the Author and Finisher of our faith, God, let it be said of us that we had the courage to look within to discover and execute our God-given purpose, and that we helped others to do the same. We believe that the real secret to our existence is discovering who we are in, and to, God. The real secret is to become one with Him, soaking in His Presence, mysteries and secrets, filled with the knowledge of Him, in order to live an uplifted and fulfilled life, regardless of life’s challenges and despite our own imperfections. 

Be deliberate about discovering your purpose.
Have the courage to ask God to re-convert you into your original self, built by Him.
Pursue the Holy Spirit for assistance to illuminate God’s purpose in you, for you, to you.
Seek God to reveal to you the mysteries of the purpose He has equipped you with.
Ask God to help you sense His seasons and timing for His purpose in you.
Pray that God will give you the necessary strength to actively and consistently accomplish His purpose in your life.

Do not allow fear to make you act or behave like anything else but your best self

Let’s Activate God’s Purpose, TOGETHER!