The Reminder: Quiet Power Peaceful Confidence

Your Personal Workbook and Journal for Success

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The Reminder, Your Personal Workbook and Journal for Success will nudge you into the road less traveled, which is, taking a really good look at yourself. How do you know your purpose in life if you don’t truly know who you are?

Who are you, truly? What have you become? Who could you be? Who should you be? It is time to reflect on who you have become and time to discover who you should become.
This personal workbook and journal for success is written with the strong belief that we are created with divine, innate intelligence, innate power and innate wisdom. The purpose of this personal workbook and journal is to discover who you should become as opposed to what you have become.

To guide and assist you, The Reminder, Your Personal Workbook and Journal for Success provides you with numerous meditations, quotes and questions to deeply reflect on. Take a very honest look at yourself and write down your very honest answers in the writing spaces provided for you. Process your thoughts and find your own answers, because nothing will be tangible to you or for you unless you have truly experienced it for yourself.

The Reminder, Your Personal Workbook and Journal for Success believes in you and will give you a fresh perspective on self-worth. No matter whom you are, where you have been, what you have done and who you have become as a result, it will work with you to find your true and unique self, who deserves the chance to be discovered, cultivated, nourished, respected and well loved!


Dunamis: Untapped Uncommon Power

Personal Workbook and Journal to Finding Your Own Truth About God



A Journal to Finding Your Own Truth About God. Drop the whispers of the crowd and the multitudes. Set aside intellect, technology and all the myriad of information you constantly fill your mind with, and determine to research your own tangible truth. Is there more to you than meets the eye? Have you ever wondered, have you ever asked? I believe that God exists and that we can find ‘our more’ in and through Him, but the choice is ours to make. My belief is not based on other people’s experience but my own personal tangible experience. I also believe that God did not leave us hanging, but created us with unimaginable divine power called dunamis!

However, to become truly aware of, and to fully utilize and function in this unique power, we must reconnect with our Source, God. Are you not tired of going in circles? Why don’t you do your own research and find out about God before you decide that He does or does not exist? Ask God if He created you with a divine inherent, indescribable power called dunamis.

  • Is your ship slowly sinking? Have you become your worst enemy?
  • Can you stop the sickness taking over you?
  • Is there power to assist you?
  • Could there be a savior who will take you over the walls and heal your pain?
  • Do you need someone who will not let you go, but will fight for your life?

Why don’t you ask God if He is real? Why don’t you test and Him and ask Him to deliver you from all your troubles? Ask Him to trigger dunamis in you. Or are you too afraid to do so, because you know deep down that the response might surprise you? Ask God for His divine plan and blueprint for your life!